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Scalable Blogging Series: SEO Ready in 10 Steps

You’ve seen the term “SEO” all over the internet...but you’re not quite sure what it means...or how to leverage it for your blog, let alone your business. 

If you’re…

  • Wanting to get more eyeballs on your content...
  • Tired of wondering what pages you ACTUALLY need on your website…
  • Frustrated that your posts aren’t getting views…
  • DONE playing the guessing game and hoping that Google notices…

...then Scalable Blogging 101 was literally created for you. 

In this comprehensive course, I’m going to teach you: 

  • The basics of search engine optimization or SEO
  • How to define your niche and main topics.
  • SEO keyword research
  • How to map out a content plan.
  • How to properly format a blog post.
  • How to create your first 15 blog posts with purpose, so you can launch your blog to the world!

You’ll go through the 10 critical steps that you need to follow to finally hit your groove with search engine optimization. 

Over the course you’ll learn...

BONUS: SEO Basics (Immediate Access)

  • How Do Search Engines Work
  • Two Major Functions of Search Engines
  • What in the World are Keywords
  • How Ranking is Determined
  • Why is it Necessary

STEP ONE: Define Your Niche (Immediate Access)

  • Think Like a Library (Learn)
  • Brainstorm and Define (Action)

STEP TWO: Nail Down Your Main Topics (Immediate Access)

  • The Importance of Clear Topics (Learn)
  • Developing Your Topics

STEP THREE: Building Out Those Main Topics (Immediate Access)

  • Building Out Content for Your Topic (Learn)
  • Filling Out Your Content Blueprint (Action)
  • Turning Your Main Topics Into Categories (Learn)

STEP FOUR: Creating a Content Plan (Immediate Access)

  • Two Types of Posts (Learn)
  • Mapping Out Your Content Plan (Action)

STEP FIVE: Finding the Right Keywords (Releases 03/01/2021)

  • How to Find the Right Keywords (Learn)
  • Keyword Research (Action)

STEP SIX: Solution Based Content (Releases 03/01/2021)

  • Finding FAQs (Learn)
  • Plan Your Post FAQs (Action)

STEP SEVEN: Writing Your Blog Posts (Releases 03/01/2021)

  • Tips for Writing Blog Posts (Learn)
  • Blog Post Template (Action)

STEP EIGHT: Blog Post Formatting (Releases 03/08/2021)

  • How to Properly Format Your Blog Posts in WordPress (Learn)

STEP NINE: Blog Post Images (Releases 03/08/2021)

  • How to Use Canva (Learn)
  • Blog Post Image Templates (Action)

STEP TEN: Interlinking = Framework (Releases 03/08/2021)

  • What is Interlinking? (Learn)
  • Interlink Current Posts (Action)

13 Sections


Find out what you'll learn and see more information about you instructor. I mean who does she think she is teaching the world about SEO?

E-Book + Resources

Download the e-book in the section to work alongside the course. You'll find all your worksheets right in the PDF.

STEP ONE: Define Your Niche

This THE core! Every step you go through after this point all centers around your niche. No pressure, right?!

STEP TWO: Nail Down Your Main Topics

Focusing on 3 topics within your niche makes content planning manageable and creates clarity for search engines and readers alike.

STEP THREE: Create Sub-Topics

Let's dive into one of the main topics you developed in step #2. Create sub-topics that generate blog post ideas.

STEP FOUR: Content Mapping

Are you ready to come up with your first content plan. You'll apply this step to build out 5 posts for each of your main topics.

STEP FIVE: Keywords Matter

Now that you have a list of posts to create, it’s time to start finding the right keywords for them. It's time to do a little keyword research!

STEP SIX: Solution Based Content

Before we get to the writing stage, there's one more thing we need to do. Find the most commonly asked questions so we can be the solution.

STEP SEVEN: Writing Your Blog Posts

It's that time! Clearly this step is going to take some time, but you have a content plan to follow along so it doesn't get too overwhelming. So let's get it done!

STEP EIGHT: Formatting a Blog Post

Get familiar with proper blog post formatting in WordPress. It'll become second nature as you start adding more posts.

STEP NINE: Creating Blog Post Images

Whether you’re using infographics or product photos, it’s important to show your audience what they’re reading.

STEP TEN: Interlinking = Framework

You’re almost there! We are finally at the last step. Make sure to link all the related posts together to create a framework of content.

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